Thanks to a powerful 70hp, 4.2m tender, water sports opportunities include but are not limited to water skiing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, canoeing, ringos and snorkelling.

Water sports

Lady Freya is well kitted out with a variety of water sports:

  • 1 x single canoe
  • 2 x paddle boards
  • 1 x adult water ski
  • 1 x child water ski
  • 1 x mono ski
  • 1 x wakeboard
  • 2 x ringos
  • Snorkeling equipment

If there is a specific water sport you require, that is not on the list, please let us know in advance and we will endeavour to organise it for you.


We have fishing kit on board. Captain Memhet is a fantastic fisherman and will be happy to take you on fishing trips - or try your luck off the side of the boat!

Our kit includes:

2 x rods

2 x long lines

6 x basic lines


Many archaeological sites can be accessed from bays along the coast and the crew will happily arrange visits for you and even escort you round them if you require.

If you wish to travel further afield our luxury yacht agents can organise this for you.

The Greek islands of Symi, Kos, and Rhodes are also accessible. Our Captain will arrange all passport formalities for you to make the process of exiting and re entering Turkey as easy as possible.

Shopping - larger towns such Marmaris have fantastic bazaars to browse. Smaller ports usually have a selection of Turkish shops. You can pick up handmade rugs, clothing, curios and bags. Local shop keepers sometimes visit Freya by boat – you can even browse artisan textiles, sarongs and freshly collected honey and fruits from the comfort of your sunbed!!


  • "A wonderful chef - every dish was fantastic!"

  • "We feel like we have been on a different planet. And have been rocked, fed and attended to superbly."

  • "Loved it all. Boat was lovely, crew were caring and friendly."